Themed dinners in the farm

The season of Themed Dinners in the Farm starts again, all Wednesdays we will be waiting for you at dinner, for nights when the Tuscany tradition meets new tastes, on a background of musical emotions ...

The romantic park and lake of the columns

Discover the Queen’s Park, around the lake of the colums, a place full of history and natural charm. The pathways wind throughout the Fattoria di Maiano estate. The itinerary is specially design...

1400 dc

The origins of the Fattoria di Maiano


The hectares of farm


Plants Olive


apartments located in the heart of the village

A completely organic agricultural estate

Maiano estate is a completely organic farm. It covers an area of nearly 300 hectares, mainly used for growing olives (20.000 olive trees on 110 hectares).

“Frantoio” and “Moraiolo” olives are picked entirely by hand in the months of November and December, then pressed in the olive mill on the farm a few hours after being picked, to avoid using too ripe olives.

The premium product is Laudemio, an extra virgin olive oil with a high nutritional value, indicated for all diets, a singular personality, and fresh and fruity bouquet. We arrange olive mill guided tour all year round, especially while the olive mill is operating. We will explain to you the whole olive oil making process. The tour ends with our olive oil tasting.

Discover Farm

“Enjoy the experience of the farm near Florence

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