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The teaching farm

Next June Fattoria di Maiano opens the door to visitors introducing the “teaching farm” and new exciting enterprises and activities.

Catch the chance to enjoy the nature, leaving a day en plain air, immersed in a real farm’s life!

Walking through the designed paths, in the olive tree grove of the Fattoria di Maiano estate, you can visit and go next the animals of the farm: ducks, ostriches, goats, Amiata donkeys and limousine cows;

you’ll have the opportunity to visit the fascinating “Laghetto delle Colonne” carved by an ancient quarry of “pietra serena” (grey stone), surrounded by a thick forest of cypresses, oaks and holms oaks and enjoy a tasty snack.

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Parco Romantico della Regina and Botanical Garden

An itinerary in the Parco Romantico della Regina and along the 1st loop of the Botanical Garden.
Woods, meadows, olive groves, wetlands and cliffs will be the setting for this exciting walk poised between history and nature, steeped in the reality of a real farm.
Through guided tours you can stroll among the olive trees and closely observe our animals: Amiata donkeys, horses, ostriches, wild boars, goats, geese, Limousine breed cows and many others. Entering the dense woodland of cypress and oak trees in the Botanical Garden, you will have the opportunity to admire the beautiful Laghetto delle Colonne, located in a famous quarry of pietra serena, and the Tea House where you can stop for a refreshing break.
Along the trail there is no lack of beautiful viewpoints over the city of Florence.

Information: Opening hours/Days: open daily from 9.30 am to 7 pm | Daily admission price: adults € 7.00; Children under 4 years old free
Notes: For the children, a playground is available. Picnics or birthday parties can also be organized along the park trails.
* We recommend comfortable clothing and shoes.

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The Parco Romantico della Regina was built by nobleman John Temple Leader between 1870 and 1893 around the quarry called “delle Colonne”. The small roads of the stonemasons were transformed and exploited as romantic and botanical pathways for his guests. The Park was opened by Queen Victoria of England on 12 April, 1893.
The trails have been trodden by Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Benedetto and Giuliano da Majano, Boccaccio, Vasari, Lorenzo the Magnificent and many others. The Park was also a location for the film “A Room with a View” by James Ivory, winner of 3 Academy Awards.

The Botanical Garden is the largest in Italy. It extends over about 50 hectares between the City of Florence and the Municipality of Fiesole and offers about 12 kilometres of trails.
After a careful study of the environmental characteristics and the vegetation of the woodland area, an experimental requalification project was launched with the idea of making the area an “open-air laboratory” in which to try and insert, in the available habitats, species of plants with different ecological affinities to study their evolution and develop new experimental implants.

Olive mill guided tour and tasting

Walking through the olive grooves , you will easily reach Fattoria di Maiano, a completely organic farm. Here you will see the estate olive mill, operating in the months of November and December. We will explain to you the whole olive oil making process.The tour ends with our olive oil tasting. In addition to the guided tour, we can arrange a delicious lunch with local products.
The tours are subject to early booking
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The Fattoria di Maiano safari tours

The pathways wind throughout the Fattoria di Maiano estate. The itinerary is specially designed to introduce to our visitors the animals that live in their natural habitat: Limousine cows, a bull and Amiata donkeys. Those animals will captivate you with their friendliness and docility. Exceptionally included in the “Safari tour”, a visit to the charming “Laghetto delle Colonne”, situated at the heart of the estate, whose name celebrates the fact that the quarry at its centre is reputed to have provided the columns for the church of San Lorenzo in Florence. Among the many illustrious visitors, was Queen Victoria who sketched  the lake of the columns while staying at the Temple Leader’s villa.

The same tour can be held also by night, when you will be charmed by a special atmosphere: you will discover and admire the wildlife – foxes, deer, porcupines, pheasants and many other odd animals

We assure: amazing views of the city of Florence by unusual corners of the Tuscan landscape, out of the caothic traffic life and  a great fun. Bring your camera!

Length: about 1h30

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The Fattoria di Maiano Safari Tours Night

This tour is the variant Night of the proposal described above.
On board the jeep over to visit the fabulous Queen’s Park and the lake of the columns, you will have the opportunity to discover some examples of wild animals, usually hidden in the daytime: foxes, porcupines, deer, wild boars and pheasants.

Time: from 21.30, to be agreed
Duration1h30 approx.

The Safari Tours are subject to change of route based on weather conditions.
Reservations are required.

Night hiking

A walk at night with headlamps along the Paths of the Parco Romantico della Regina, to discover the sounds of wildlife and farm animals.
Along the trail you will be fascinated by the views of Florence.
The walk departs at sunset from the farm forecourt, passing through the Educational Farm and continuing, by torchlight, through the Botanical Garden. Here guests can enjoy the sun setting over Florence and observe the wildlife that lives in the park.
The itinerary can also include a stop at the “Tea House” for an afternoon snack or dinner in front of the lit fireplace, with tasting of farm specialties or proposals from the menu of the restaurant Lo Spaccio:

Opening hours/Days: Booking required | Duration: about 60 minutes | Not suitable for children under 4 years old
Limited places and booking required | Prices from € 20.00 per person | Minimum 5 people

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Outdoor Bike Gym

Fattoria di Maiano collaborates with the Florence Freeride Amateur Sports Association, to which a large area for Bike Gym activities was dedicated.

It is an outdoor gym, accessible to all levels of bikers and different types of off-road bikes.  Not just a place to have fun, but also a place where you can learn to ride a bike, meet new people and live the MTB.

Firenze FreeRide organizes riding courses of different levels, for youngsters and adults.
Inside the structure you can go cycling on dedicated paths or, upon reservation, ascend with mechanized means, for those who seek the adrenaline of the Freeride.

Only members are granted access.

Opening hours: Wednesday and Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday all day.

How to join: For further information on how to join and other details, contact by e-mail or cell phone: +39 340 1785576

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The colours of the lines do not indicate the difficulty levels, they are both accessible for all, but change “level” when increasing speed.
On the same jump you can do from just 30 centimeters to 15 meters of adrenaline charged-up flight .
On the paths you have the possibility to switch from one line to another, to look for the most exciting spots.

The “Flow” line, very smooth, in the French Bike Park style.
2.1 km 18 Jumps between doublets, drop and two unique spots, “the Dolphin” and “The Beaced Whale”
1 Wall ride made in wood, to experience the excitement of the centripetal forces
42 buffered Curves. Two characteristic points can be found in the “Cavatappi” and “Les Mans” areas

The “Flow Country” line, smooth, with a set of technical curves and some curves with support
1.9 km, 20 Jumps that are safely practicable for all levels. Three “show time” panettoni
2 Drop “But also No!!” (1.5m,  2.5m) 49 Curves, of which 14 with support and 12 buffered

Line created for training while cycling and for reaching the start of descending lines. The first section is in open field and is followed by woods with technical turns where you can have fun even when ascending. The Enduro line has different points where you can intercept the descending lines, so as to vary training and, in some cases, remain at height.