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 A completely organic agricultural estate

A completely organic agricultural estate, Fattoria di Maiano covers an area of nearly 300 hectares mainly used for growing olives (20.000 olive trees on 110 hectares).


Frantoio and Moraiolo olives, are picked entirely by hand in the months of November and December, then pressed in the estate mill.

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Oil of the fattoria

THE OLIVE GROVEST of the Fattoria di Maiano grow mostly on deep and clayey soil, rich in skeleton and a part of them on marling soil.


  • SURFACE 300 ha
  • OLIVE GROVE 108 ha
  • ALTITUDE 180/350 mt
  • OLIVE PLANTS 20.000
  • RANGE Frantoio and Moraiolo (60%-40%)




HARVEST TIME from the end of October until December, before the most suitable ripening date. Olives are harvested entirely by direct hand picking of the fruit from the plant

EXTRACTION cold olive pressing in the olive-mill of the farm within 6/12 hours by the picking time. The extraction system is the continuos cycle type with an olive-press with disks and double centrifugal separator. We don’t use hot water.

CONSERVATION in airtight steel drums of different size (from 10 to 50 quintals), separating the different lots (it depends on the origin of the estate and on the picking period). Afterwards they are stored in a cool and dry place.

BOTTLING by a continuos bottling line, upon receipt of the order










The Laudemio

The premium product is Laudemio, an excellent extra virgin oil with a high nutritional value, indicated for all diets, a singular personality, and fresh and fruity bouquet.


We arrange olive mill guided tour all year round, especially while the olive mill is operating. We will explain to you the whole olive oil making process. The tour ends with our olive oil tasting.

To learn more about Laudemio

In the Middle Ages Laudemio was the flower of the harvest, the part destined for the Lord’s Table.

Today the Laudemio trademark is the ambassador of the great oil producing art of Tuscany and of its masterpieces.
Laudemio began in the mid nineteen eighties, when a team of growers, signed a pioneering pact for excellence in production, well ahead of national and European legislation. This pact, now as before, is based on strict rules and quality control.

History, tradition, genuineness, respect for the territory and the environment are the principles guiding the whole Laudemio production process, from the harmonious management of the olive orchards to the selective harvesting of the fruit at its perfect stage of ripening, from the crushing of the olives to the mixing and rigorously cold extraction, right up to the bottling and careful storage of the oil.

Special control bodies and two very strict tasting committees make the final selection: only the best extra virgin olive oil from the best producers, a perfectly genuine, complete oil, with an extraordinary organoleptic personality will be able to boast the noble and sought-after Laudemio trademark.

The ideal companion of quality gastronomy, powerful, precious, excellent, naturally rich in intense polyphenols and fragrant aromatic substances, Laudemio is the true quintessence of the fragrances and flavours of the Tuscan hills.


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Every drop of Laudemio is the unique and inimitable expression of the fruit, the place, time and touch of the individual producer who gave it life

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