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 Restaurant “Lo Spaccio”

Just inside the estate you will find the restaurant Lo Spaccio, a corner of flavour where you can taste typical Tuscan delicatessen.   Lo Spaccio, outfitted with a panoramic terrace and cosy inside rooms, is open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and typical products tasting.

Our recipes

Beans with oil
Take 1 pound of Zolfini del Pratomagno beans, revive them in a pot of cold water for 12 hours at least, then rinse them under tap water. Put them in an earthenware pot with 8 cups of water (cold), add a few leaves of sage and a couple of two big slices of red garlic, coarse salt as needed. Let boil on very low fire about 3 hours. When you do not get a floury taste, turn off and let cool down. Serve in a dish with very thin slices of white onion, add Fattoria di Maiano ORGANIC “DI GIORNATA” extra virgin oil, some drops of red wine vinegar , a pinch of pepper. We suggest to smash some beans with a fork before mixing. Their ideal? Piled up with their “juice” over a slice of toasted Tuscan bread.
Cabbage with slices
Make sure the cabbage leaves have been frozen over in the field. Take only the dark green part of the leaves, rinse them carefully and stew them in some boiling salted water. Toast some slices of real Tuscan bread, about 1 inch high and put them in the dish. Rub about half a slice of red garlic over each slice of bread. After 15 minutes drain –a little- the cabbage and lay it out abundantly over the slices of bread so that the cooking water get them wet well. Add salt and pepper and e Fattoria di Maiano ORGANIC “DI GIORNATA” extra virgin oil. It is special when you serve it hot! To make the dish consistent and “lively” try to add some crumbled and pan fried sausage!
Vegetarian risotto
In a pressure cooker with 4 cups of water put abundant chunks of seasonal vegetables without forgetting tomato, white onions and garlic. Do not be afraid to put together celery, zucchini, eggplants, fennels, leeks, carrots until you reach the half of the pressure cooker, end with half a fresh hot pepper and half an apple, a spoon and 1⁄2 of coarse salt and lock the cooker that you will open after only 10 minutes of “powerful whistle”. Remove excessive water and put it aside in a pot, it will be necessary to cook rice. Put back the cooker on the fire and add 1 pound of “carnaroli” freshly pearled rice and stir strongly with a wooden spoon . while drying add the vegetable water you put aside. When the rice released starch and it is “al dente”, add 2 glasses of prosecco doc wine while continuing stirring. Wait until it gets “al dente”, turn off the stove fire, add half a cup of coffee of Fattoria di Maiano ORGANIC LAUDEMIO and stir for a minute until creamy and serve. Also a some dusting of 24 month Parmesan cheese is fine.  When served for the second time, it will taste even better!

Opening time:

Closed Monday | Tuesday 9-16 | Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday  9-16/19-22 | Sunday 9-18

“In Tuscany it’s not just what you eat,

but it’s where you eat that makes meals so memorable.”

The fireplace room

The fireplace room

The ideal place for business lunches, tastings, dinners and social events.
Terrace with view

Terrace with view

Terrace with amazing view on surrounding hills, countryside and olive groves.
photogallery restaurant "lo spaccio"

Totally organic farm

Maiano estate is a completely organic farm. It covers an area of nearly 300 hectares, mainly used for growing olives (20.000 olive trees on 110 hectares).

“Frantoio” and “Moraiolo” olives are picked entirely by hand in the months of November and December, then pressed in the olive mill on the farm a few hours after being picked, to avoid using too ripe olives.

The premium product is Laudemio, an extra virgin olive oil with a high nutritional value, indicated for all diets, a singular personality, and fresh and fruity bouquet. We arrange olive mill guided tour all year round, especially while the olive mill is operating. We will explain to you the whole olive oil making process. The tour ends with our olive oil tasting.